Decor Ideas For A Beach Wedding

Getting married on the beach can be a perfect setting for those who enjoy being outdoors and spending time near the water. Whether you're planning a big beach wedding or a small one, one thing that you'll need to think about is how you want to decorate this space. Given the unique nature of this venue, it's ideal if your wedding uses as many unique, beach-themed decor ideas as possible. There are lots of different ways that you can proceed, but here are three ideas that you may wish to consider. 


Driftwood is a fixture on many beaches, which makes it appropriate to include in your upcoming beach wedding. The amount of driftwood that you're able to gather will influence how you use it. For example, if you can get your hands on several long pieces of driftwood, you might wish to place them at the edges of the aisle that you'll walk down. The driftwood will give a rustic look that supports the beach theme. If you have a woodworker in your family, consider having them drill some candle-sized holes in a few pieces of driftwood to create rustic centerpieces for your tables.

Seashell Lights

While you might not need lights during the daytime, you'll want to have a variety of lights to illuminate your beach venue after dark. There are many potential options, but string lights can always add style. Instead of getting conventional string lights, look for those that have lights that are shaped like seashells. They'll tie in well with the beach theme, and you can place them in all sorts of areas—including on your bridal arch, along the center of each table, and in many other spots.

Sand Art

Take advantage of your unique wedding venue by having someone create a piece of sand art in a place of prominence. There are lots of different ideas to consider. You might have a friend who is a talented amateur artist write the names of you and your significant other in an elaborate manner in the sand, while also adding the date and elements such as hearts. Or, you might wish to look online to find a sand sculpture artist in your area. You can hire them to build a love-themed sand sculpture in a part of the venue that everyone will see. Keep these beach-themed decor ideas in mind as you begin to plan your upcoming beach wedding.

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