Tips For Decorating A Wedding Tent For Less

You might love the idea of an outdoor wedding, but don't want to wind up having to move inside or even cancel the affair in the event of rain or even snow. Hosting your wedding reception in a tent is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while protecting your guests from the heat, cold, or insects. Here are a few simple ways you can make your tent wedding venue look amazing and elegant without breaking the bank.

Use The Natural Beauty of Your Destination

Enjoying the beauty of the outdoors is the reason why you choose an outdoor venue, so choose a tent that allows you to let the light and beauty of your settings into the reception area. For example, choose an open pole or frame tent. If the weather will be chilly, pick a more closed-in tent that still has plenty of window flaps that can be opened.

Choosing a tent that is more open will allow you to save money on decorations because you are allowing the natural beauty of your surroundings to be the star of your reception.

Repurpose Items from Home

Use items from your home or ask friends and family if you can borrow some of their items to decorate your tent for the reception. For example, instead of spending money on vases to use as centerpieces, gather up the vases from your home and ask friends and family if they have any vases, canisters, or decorative jars that you can use as centerpieces.

Create a cohesive look by filling all of the mismatched vases and jars with the same type of flower or matching ribbons. Renting tables and chairs for your reception can also take a big chunk out of your budget. Instead, borrow chairs and tables from friends and family. You can dress up the tables with inexpensive tablecloths and use bows or other decorative elements to make the chairs match.

Take Advantage of the Tent's Height

Finally, depending upon the type of tent you choose the tent you are hosting your reception in could be several feet high. Draw the eye upwards by utilizing the vertical space in the tent. For example, use tulle or inexpensive ribbon to drape around the poles. Use inexpensive fairy lights to draw the eye upwards inside the tent.

Draping ribbons or inexpensive artificial flowers from the tent's ceiling is also an attractive option that won't break your budget.

Between emphasizing the height of the tent to repurposing items from home, there are several ways you can have an outdoor tent wedding without spending a small fortune.