4 Questions To Ask When Looking For A Wedding Venue

Finding a wedding venue can be overwhelming. Unless you've seen a wedding in the venue, it can be hard to imagine what your big day would look like. Looking at the venues can also be overwhelming with all of the information that is being thrown at you. There are a few basic questions you should ask when you go looking for a venue to help you narrow down the choices a bit. Read on for a few questions to ask when looking for a wedding venue.

1. How Many People Does The Venue Hold?

You need to be sure the wedding venue will hold as many people as you are planning on inviting. You may not want to scale back your wedding guests, or maybe you would prefer to do so if the venue is what you want. The capacity of the venue may be a major deciding factor when looking for a place to host all of your family and friends. Some venues may be able to hold more people, but you may have to rent extra space for the extra amount of people, in which case, your venue cost may have gone up significantly. 

2. How Much Does The Venue Cost?

And speaking of cost, you need to find this out as well. Figure out what they charge and how they charge. Some venues will charge you only per person, but there are other venues that will also charge you to rent the facility as well. Ask about all charges involved and what may or may not be included, as these extra costs need to be figured into your wedding budget. Services such as security costs or a bartender fee may be extra. 

3. What Extras Does The Venue Offer?

You want to find out what extras the venue may have to offer, such as an outside area for photos or just for mingling outside. They may offer other things such as different lighting options, chair covers, different table cloths, chargers and other things to make your wedding beautiful. The venue may also offer cleanup and setup. Be sure to ask about these things, as the last thing you want to worry about on your big day is setting up each table and having to clean up afterwards.

4. What Dates Are Available?

If you've already planned a day for your wedding, you need to make sure this date is available. If you can be more flexible, have a few dates in mind and choose your dates depending on availability. Wedding season can get very busy, and your date or dates could all be taken. This is why planning a wedding far in advance is important.

These are just a few of the questions you should as from a potential wedding venue. Make sure you get everything in writing so you aren't surprised with any extra costs or fees, and that your date is secure. Talk to a wedding venue salesperson about your upcoming wedding so you can get your venue booked and start planning.