The Top Reasons To Choose A Farm Wedding Venue

Choosing the actual wedding venue is one of the most important choices you will make for your wedding. You must choose whether or not to combine your reception into the same venue or if there should be a separate wedding and reception location. If you want to make your wedding really unique and different, then why not pick a farm wedding and reception venue?

Here are the top reasons to choose a farm wedding venue.

It Has A Rustic But Romantic Feel

A farm wedding venue has a rustic but romantic feel. If you find a farm that has a beautiful acreage with rolling green hills, perhaps a shining pond with a walking bridge over it, and a gorgeous farmhouse or barn, it can transport you to another world.

You can opt for either an indoor or outdoor wedding and reception without the need for changing locations. It also gives you an almost blank slate to create the perfect romantic setting of your choosing.

Farm weddings can be made to very elegant and elaborate affairs, or simple and beautiful. You can use the backdrop of any of the existing surroundings to create your perfect rustic or romantic feel.

It's A Larger Space Than Traditional Venues

A farm wedding venue is perfect for a larger wedding and reception combined. They are typically larger than your traditional wedding venue. The whole farm could be used for your special day. You could have your ceremony in one of the fields overlooking the main house or flower gardens, and not have to worry about how many people you can invite.

Even if you choose to have the wedding and reception indoors, typical farm barns and outbuildings are large enough to accommodate even a larger wedding guest list.

It's A Unique And Special Atmosphere

A farm wedding venue is a unique space with a special atmosphere. It is away from the hustle of the city in which you can watch the sun go down and the stars come out. This can give you an added special romantic experience to your day.

Some farms offer tours through their facilities if it's a larger one. You and your guests could spend time with the animals, watch a milking demonstration, and even watch the farm's herding dogs herd the cows or sheep home.

If you are looking for something different than a traditional wedding and reception, a farm wedding could be the right choice.