Going Online With Your Bridal Registry

Bridal registries used to be a fairly ornate deal. You would usually need to go down to a local store, register the items you were interested in, and then notify all your friends and family. When your friends and family wanted to get you something, they would need to go all the way down to the store. Today, the whole process is a lot easier.

Creating an Online Wish List

Rather than having to do everything in store, you can now create your bridal registry entirely online. Make a list of the stores that you're interested in purchasing from, but keep it to one or two stores so it's not too confusing. Most major stores today are going to have online wish lists, from giant online marketplaces to boutique kitchen stores. You can email them to ask them if they don't have an option visible on their site.

Making Your Wish List Shareable

How do you tell your family where to go for your wish list? Often, you can send this information with your invitation, by letting them know where you're registered. However, many couples are increasingly creating a "wedding website" where information like this is held. Having a wedding website isn't just a great way to distribute information and digitally collect RSVPs, but it's also an excellent item to keep to remember; many wedding website hosts will keep your website up indefinitely, and you can even post your photos there.

Don't Forget Your Wedding Etiquette! 

When creating an online registry, it's generally considered good etiquette to add both inexpensive items and expensive items. Not everyone will be able to buy an expensive gift, so you want to have some options for those who want to contribute. You also don't want to put too much of an emphasis on the gifts, and you may want to note (if applicable) that gifts are optional. All of these things are generally considered to be polite, as many weddings are already costly for guests to attend (even if they're more costly to throw).

An online bridal registry makes it a lot easier to get exactly what you want from your friends and family, but don't forget that it's really a formality. For the most part, your guests will want to celebrate your marriage and special day with you. Making the bridal registry process as fast and painless as possible is a great lead in to a great wedding.