4 Wedding Trends For 2018 That You Should Know About

If you're getting married at some point during 2018, you've probably already begun your preliminary planning. For instance, you may have already booked the venues for the ceremony and reception, particularly if you're getting married during high wedding season in June. Fortunately, there are so many fun wedding trends to choose from this year that you'll have no problem planning a unique and memorable wedding reception. Following are just four of 2018's biggest reception trends. 


Afterparties are celebrations that extend beyond the course of the reception -- and for the young and vigorous, this can mean dancing until dawn and gathering at a lovely spot to watch the sunrise. Afterparties require their own food and beverage options, such as midnights snacks and a light breakfast as dawn approaches. Another nice afterparty touch is an onsite coffee cart so guests can enjoy their favorite morning beverages. 

Food Trucks at the Reception

Food trucks at the reception is an idea that works well for everything but formal sit-down dinners. This allows food to be prepared onsite as guests get hungry instead of having it sit in a steam table for the duration of the reception. Clean-up is also minimal when a food truck is a part of the picture at a wedding reception. 

Floral Flavors

One of 2018's most interesting wedding reception trends is floral flavors in food and beverage items. This can mean signature cocktails infused with floral liqueurs such as creme de violette, elderflower liqueur, and rose petal liqueur. Edible flowers are also being used as garnishes -- Victorian-style candied violets are extremely popular this year as decorations on wedding cake. Another big food trend for 2018 wedding is tossed salads containing edible garden flowers such as nasturtiums, lavender, and violets. 

Indoor Venues

Outdoor wedding and reception venues have been popular for years, but 2018's tide is turning back toward more traditional indoor options. Couples are also trending toward all-in-one venues where the wedding and the reception happen at the same place instead of everyone leaving the ceremony venue and driving to a separate location to celebrate with the couple during the reception. For this reason, couples are trending away from choosing churches for their ceremony and opting for historic homes, wineries, museums, and even classy hotels and inns. 

Please feel free to contact your local wedding event planner for more information on this year's top wedding and reception trends. For more information, contact companies like THE COOK AND THE DRUMMER.