3 Ways To Customize You Wedding Aisle Runner

When it comes to your wedding decor, personalization is going to be key. Your wedding decor should reflect you and your future spouse's personality, and when your guests come, they should feel that your wedding decor reflects your personalities. While there are several different decorations that you can personalize for you wedding, one fun type of decoration that you can add all sorts of different personalizations to is going to be your wedding aisle runner. This article will discuss 3 ways to customization your wedding aisle runner. 


A beautiful and traditional color to choose for your wedding aisle runner is white. However, if you want to do something that is a bit more unique and fun, then you can instead go with a different color for your wedding aisle runner. You can either do a solid color over the entire wedding aisle runner, or you can do color blocks, stripes, or some other colored pattern. A colored wedding aisle runner can add the perfect pop of color to your wedding decor, and is great way to incorporate one or more of your wedding colors. 

Graphics And/Or Text 

To customize your wedding aisle runner to better represent you and your spouse, you can have some custom graphics and text printed onto it. This can be pretty much anything that you can think of, but some fun ideas might include: you and your spouse's names, your wedding date, a quote that you both love, some of your engagement pictures, etc. You can also add customized designs to run along the sides of the banner or to separate different pieces of text and graphics. This can be floral patterns, damask designs, or any type of swirls, shapes, or other designs that you can think of. 

Flower Petals

Another great way to customize your wedding aisle runner is going to be to add flower petals to it. These flower petals are generally going to be scattered along either side of the runner, making it look even more elegant and beautiful. You can choose to go with real flower petals, or fake ones, depending on your wants and your budget. You are also going to be able to choose whatever color of flower petals that you would like to go along the runner. The color can match the theme colors of your wedding, or can be a color that is special to you and your spouse.

Talk to the place you buy the runner from--some place like Starry Night Design Studio--to find out what options they offer for personalization.