Long Distance Love -- 5 Tips For Planning An Out-Of-Town Wedding

Planning a long-distance wedding is less-than-ideal for most couples. But if you want a destination wedding or have family in another location, it may not be avoidable. The good news, however, is that you can plan a successful day even if you're doing it remotely. Here are 5 tips for any bride and any size wedding.

Hire a Planner

You may want to be able to do it all yourself, but that's often simply not feasible or practical. Trying to micromanage from 1000 miles away will likely only result in stress and waste. Do yourself a favor and hire an experienced local wedding planner (like Traci's Touch) in the location you've chosen, even if you have friends or family in the area. Be clear and specific with your planner about your needs and wants, the size of your wedding, the challenges you face, and what's most important to you.

Travel There

Plan in your wedding budget for at least one or two trips to your wedding location for planning purposes. Make use of these planning days intensively to meet with vendors, test products and view portfolios, investigate your venue and sign contracts.

Determine What You Can Do

Some things generally are easier if you do them at your home location. Buying the dress and having it fitted should probably be something you do at home. The invitations can be done in your own area as well. If there is something that is very important to you -- such as your bridal bouquet -- consider getting it yourself and transporting it with you.

Keep the Party Simple 

You may want to limit the size and complexity of your bridal party if planning from a distance -- so that you don't have to coordinate too many people and things. Choose bridesmaid dresses that are simple to find as well as easy to fit and accessorize. If you choose dresses and tuxedos that are "off the rack" at large bridal stores, for example, your bridesmaids and groomsmen will often be able to get their clothing locally and have them fitted where they live. 

Get There Early

You may want to arrive at the wedding location as much as a week early so that you can handle last-minute details. Getting to the area early gives you time to correct anything that's not working, meet with your planner early and often, and see everything in place beforehand. 

By streamlining your out-of-town wedding and knowing who to get help from, you can plan a low-stress wedding no matter where you are and where it will be. Then, you can sit back and relax on your big day.