Putting Your Best Foot Forward During Your Studio Apartment Search

If you are hoping to move to an urban environment and won't need too much space, there still might be competition when it comes to landing a studio apartment. Small space living is becoming more popular in cities, but there are ways that you can get your foot over other applicants. Here are four ways that you can make yourself shine while looking for the perfect studio apartment.

1. Work on that Rental Application

If you are looking for a budget living situation such as a studio apartment or loft, chances are you will be a in a large pool of potential renters. It is important to set yourself apart from others by getting organized and showing up to open houses and viewings with a rental application. This can include previous landlord into, references, and information on your job, salary, and finances that can help you come across as a stable renter.

2. Going it Alone

You like to move into a studio apartment situation with your best friend if you are both strapped for cash. The thing is, studio apartment rentals often prefer solo renters. Many times individuals will beat out couples when it comes to renting studio apartments because this will lead to less wear and tear or other variables that might be more work for landlords. Going it alone might include no pets as well depending on rental agreements.

3. Play Up Your Strengths

If there is something unique about yourself that would make a studio space perfect for you, be sure to chat up the landlord about this when meeting. If you are hoping to work within your space or have a great job nearby, this can be mentioned. If you truly love a space, don't be afraid to show your enthusiasm to a landlord. If you seem like someone that will stay in a space and will care for this, you will stand out from other potential renters.

4. Time of Year to Look

If you are looking for a small space to live, sometimes understanding the living environment around you is key. If this is in a college town or community, waiting until the end of the semester or school year can make all of the difference when it comes to available studio apartments. You won't have to compete with hordes of students that have the backing of their parents.

Studio apartments can be a great living environment for professional singles. If you are in the market for a smaller space that is nearby your work and all of the fun things to do in the area, studio apartments are a viable option for those on a budget. Make sure that you set yourself apart from others when it comes to presenting yourself as model tenant.