Three Reasons Why You Should Get Married In Vegas Rather Than Elope To Your Nearest J.O.P.

Many people who are getting married a second time (or even a first time!) skip the big to-do and elope to the J.O.P., or justice of the peace. Since it is easy enough just to schedule ten minutes with a judge in the courthouse, you can bypass virtually everything about a wedding that you do not want or need. However, if you would still like a little celebration or some hoopla, a ten-minute ceremony at your nearest courthouse might be too minimalist. Consider instead the following reasons for getting married in Vegas.

All the Spontaneity with More Gaiety

When you compare an elopement to Las Vegas versus an elopement to your courthouse, Las Vegas looks like a lot more fun. There are dozens of ways to get married in Vegas and all of them are equally as spontaneous. However, there is a lot more celebration in the process because you can choose to add on lots of fun "extras," like a wedding cake, a photographer for a couple of poses to remember your day and an Elvis impersonator as your minister of services. (You will not get any of that with a courthouse marriage.)

You Can Visit Famous Pawn Shops for Your Wedding Rings

If you want to elope but have not even so much as purchased your wedding rings, you need not worry about any of that in Vegas. You could easily visit the famous pawn shop featured in the TV show "Pawn Stars" to get a great deal on your rings, then walk down the street to the nearest chapel for your wedding. If you would rather get your rings from the wedding chapel itself, many of the best wedding chapels in Las Vegas also offer a vast wedding ring selection for you to choose from. They can include the rings in the price of your ceremony or wedding package.

You Have Your Choice of Exciting Venues, Casinos and Hotels

Some wedding chapel officiants are willing to travel from one casino or hotel to the next, performing ceremonies in the lobbies or conference rooms of these places. If you like the idea of a wedding right in the hotel or casino where you are staying, you can find an officiant who is willing to do your ceremony and then you can run off and play in the casino when the ceremony is done. There may be an extra fee for the officiant to come to you, but you will have no shortage of witnesses for the license!

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